Life MomentsErin + LouMuskegon, MI

The connection between parent and child is extraordinary and more often than not, the authentic moments get passed by because it doesn’t occur to us to get our camera out and document our in-betweens. Over half of these images are from me just hanging out, eating breakfast with Erin and her babe in their pjs, and watching them get ready for the shoot. Children rely so much on us guiding them through the day, from activity to activity that sometimes we get caught up in wrangling and the go go go that we forget about all the stuff happening between each planned event. It took us an hour to get the nugget dressed because we played kitchen, cuddled, made coffee, and had a dance party. It was all AWESOME. Anyways…. scroll to see these two loves in all their adorableness.

If you were moved by these and want to do this with your nugget(s) reach out. Start a convo and lets make it happen.